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Allied Physiotherapy



Good physiotherapy requires a deep understanding of your problems and listening to your goals. Identifying the cause(s) of your problem and its effects through careful assessment is crucial in how we can then set goals and plan your treatment.



The most beneficial component of physiotherapy is getting the right education. This includes understanding what you should and shouldn’t do. Additionally, by understanding the way the body works and how your problem has developed we can educate you on appropriate prevention strategies.

Manual Therapies


Including soft tissue releases, trigger point therapy, joint mobilization, dry needling, joint manipulations, nerve sliders, stretches, etc. This is designed to improve the way you move and the way you feel.



We feel this is the cornerstone of physiotherapy and we design exercise programs to get your body moving the way it should, and then training it to keep it that way. This can include muscle activation which is great to assist healing and pain relief from day one of the injury.
Muscle control exercises to get muscles working how they should. Strengthening, Hypertrophy (muscle building) and power training to make sure your body can cope with the demands you want to place on it and prevent injury happening again.



The name Allied Physiotherapy arrived out of a recognition that people would like to see their physiotherapist as someone with the right expertise that is able to sit in their corner with them as one of their committed allies, through whatever hiccups they encounter along their health journey. This may be as simple as the occasional recommendation to point them in the right direction, or an intensive and extensive rehabilitation program.

Our Team

Ben Bisset

Ben has acquired over 18 years of clinical experience working across many prominent Melbourne and Geelong based Sports Physiotherapy Clinics, and Sporting Clubs. Using expertise in evidence based treatment to manage the musculoskeletal conditions of our most elite athletes to our most senior citizens, Ben thrives on assisting people from all walks of life along their individual health and wellbeing journey. 
For more information visit www.alliedphysiotherapy.com.au 

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